New PDF release: A world to win: life of a revolutionary

By Tony Cliff

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After getting a visa to travel to Britain he found out that he did not need this doc­ ument as his South African passport was valid without it. Hearing of this, I jumped at the idea of going to Britain to be his representative. It was an incongruous situation for me to be carrying an order for textiles worth £40,000 when in my whole life I had never seen as much as £ 100. Before travelling to England Chanie and I decided to get married, as her good South African passport could subsume my rotten British Protectorate of Palestine one, and make travel for me easier.

That was simple. But what could be done in a country like Palestine in which two separate peoples lived, with separate national leaders, national an­ thems and national flags? HW hen the Nazis invaded Russia a decisive change of line occurred. 15 Before, the ‘British government in Palestine represented the regime of subjugation, exploitation, repression and black reaction. 17 W ith the 180 degree swing in the policy of the Stalinists in June 1941, becoming enthusiastic supporters of the ‘war for democracy’, the Jewish Stalinists began, with a few reservations, to be ambivalent about Zionism.

The war has only passed through one stage and is now in the process of regroupment and reorganisation for the second. The war is not over, and the rev­ olution which we said would issue from the war in Europe is not taken off the agenda. 3 T he position of the Fourth International leadership looked com­ pletely mistaken to me, although at the time I did not have an ex­ planation of the developments in Russia and Eastern Europe. T he 1946 International Pre-Conference also took an absurd posi­ tion when it used Trotsky’s pre-war analysis to describe the current state of world capitalism.

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