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This booklet bargains a clean point of view on Paul's use of the Abraham tale in Galatians through delivering a radical research of its epistolary and rhetorical contexts. partially I, parallels in Galatians to rebuke-request letters in Greek papyri function a foundation for dividing the letter into significant sections: Rebuke (1.6-4.11) and Request (3.12-6.10), the request formulation in 4.12 indicating a massive turning element within the letter. The Abraham argument (3.6-29) and the Hagar-Sarah allegory (4.12-31) will be seen as Paul's biblical rebuke and biblical charm respectively. Rhetorical research classifies 1.1-4.11 as forensic rhetoric, characterised via defence and accusations relating to prior activities, and 4.12-6.18 as deliberative rhetoric, marked via exhortation and dissuasion concerning destiny activities. partly II, exegetical research of 3.1-29 stresses the subordination of the Abraham argument to the framework supplied through Paul's expressions of the rebuke. inside of this framework, the autobiographical part and the Abraham argument part are parallel advancements of the thesis assertion (1.11-12). either sections emphasize Paul's missiological main issue to maintain the reality of the Gospel for the liberty of Gentile believers. research of 4.21-31 exhibits how the allegory capabilities in the request component of the letter as biblical help for the decision to withstand the troublemakers, surroundings the level for the authoritative attraction of 5.13-6.10. From the point of view supplied via this research, major implications which relate to broader theological matters in Pauline theology are set forth; the functionality of Paul's doctrine of justification by means of religion because the foundation for his Gentile undertaking, Paul's view of the Gentile church because the Israel of God, and the covenantal constitution of Paul's ethics which pertains to the reaction of religion to obedience within the divine will. 3 appendices evaluation fresh dialogue of vital heritage matters: The Opponent's Use of the Abraham culture, Abraham in Jewish Literature, and Paul and Jewish Exegesis.

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Gal. 6) Cicero 'recommends the expression of astonishment and perplexity as one of the means to regain the goodwill of an audience which has been won over by the opposition' (Betz, p. 45;42 cf. 25). (2) The mixture of 'direct opening' and 'subtle approach' The 'direct opening' is used to address a receptive audience (Rhet. ad Her. 6). The 'subtle approach' is used when the audience has been won over by the opponent (Rhet. ad Her. 9). Betz says that Paul combines both approaches since the Galatians are receptive to him and yet they have almost been won over (Betz, p.

These three rhetorical genre seek different kinds of judgment from the audience. Forensic: Is it just? Deliberative: Is it expedient? Epideictic: Is it praiseworthy? 58 Abraham in Galatians In Betz's opinion, the letter to the Galatians presupposes the situation of the law court:22 the addressees are the jury; Paul is the defendant; and the intruders are the accusers. The goal of Paul is a defense of himself (a self-apology) and his gospel against the attack of the intruders. Seen in this light, the letter is classified by Betz as an example of forensic rhetoric.

16 Although the classical rhetoricians wrote in a doctrinaire, prescriptive tone, they nevertheless clearly stated their purpose and method to be descriptive. Quintilian affirms that 'it was then nature that created speech, and observation that originated the art of speaking. 17 2. Genre and Structure 57 The descriptive value of the system developed by the classical rhetoricians is highly regarded by many recent rhetorical critics. , for example, emphasizes the universal applicability of Greek rhetoric: Though rhetoric is colored by the traditions and conventions of the society in which it is applied, it is also a universal phenomenon which is conditioned by basic workings of the human mind and heart and by the nature of all human society.

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