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By Usha Sanyal

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Introduces the mythical chief of the good 20th-century Sunni move.

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But while this was generally the case, in fact independent reasoning never ceased as new issues constantly arose, needing fresh interpretation and judgment by the ‘ulama. 044 10/12/2004 5:11 PM Page 24 24 AHMAD RIZA KHAN BARELWI make legal judgments in light of the original sources, choosing between the judgments of the four schools when they deemed this to be necessary, rather than following the one that was customary in their part of the world. “His espousal of jurisprudential eclecticism combined with consultation of Qur’an and hadis clearly enhanced the responsibility of the ‘ulama for interpreting the Law to their followers” (Metcalf, 1982: 38).

On both issues we find everything from complete acceptance to total rejection. The reformers’ emphasis on authoritative texts, namely, the Qur’an which Muslims regard as the literal word of God, and secondarily the traditions of the Prophet (hadith), led to the first translations of the Qur’an. The Qur’an is learned and memorized in the original Arabic, but in India Muslims spoke Persian in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, or Urdu starting in the mid-nineteenth century, or a regional Indian language such as Bengali or Tamil.

Although the precise influence of Ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab on Indian Muslim reformers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries is a matter of scholarly debate, there is no doubt that his ideas were well known and that they played a major role in the thought of some religious thinkers in India. The progressive collapse of central authority in Delhi caused him to plead with Muslim leaders in Rohilkhand and in south India to do something to restore order. In his anxiety to see a strong Muslim ruler, Shah Wali Ullah even invited Ahmad Shah Abdali of Afghanistan to invade and take over.

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