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O f the 429 unallo­ cated Census occupational titles,^ S E S scores may b e assigned to 398 occupations. T h e second ranking s c h e m e utilizes p r e d i c t e d earnings to order occupations. T h e earnings measure assigned to each occupational title is m e d i a n w a g e and salary earnings (in hun­ dreds o f dollars) in 1969 o f m a l e m e m b e r s o f the occupation 16 years o f a g e and o l d e r in the e x p e r i e n c e d labor f o r c e U s i n g M E D as an abbreviation for m e d i a n earnings, M E D scores ranging b e ­ t w e e n 5 and 204 may b e assigned to 422 unallocated occupational titles.

I n other w o r d s , barriers b e t w e e n markets d o not appear high enough to generate " m o n o p o l y rents" to w o r k e r s e m p l o y e d in concentrated industries. Weiss d o e s report, h o w e v e r , that unions h a v e a p o s i t i v e i m p a c t on w a g e s ; and m o r e recent studies indicate that after c o n t r o l l i n g for differences in human capi­ tal, such factors as g e o g r a p h i c location, occupation, industry, and union m e m b e r s h i p all affect w a g e s ( B l i n d e r , 1973; Kalachek and Raines, 1976).

5) because the a priori assumption λ = 0 is l i k e l y to result in a d o w n w a r d bias in the measured impact o f the variables i n c l u d e d i n X . For e x a m p l e , suppose that E D and O C C U P ( 6 5 ) are p o s i t i v e l y correlated and O C C U P ( 6 5 ) and A O C C U P are n e g a t i v e l y correlated. O m i t t i n g O C C U P ( 6 5 ) from E q . ( 2 . 5 ) w o u l d result in a coefficient on E D that understates the true impact o f schooling on occupational advance­ ment. T h i s is because the function o f O C C U P ( 6 5 ) in the equation is to control for initial occupational standing so that the coefficient estimated for E D measures o n l y the impact o f schooling on occupa­ tional c h a n g e .

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