Selley Richard C.'s Ancient Sedimentary Environments: and their sub-surface PDF

By Selley Richard C.

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ISBN-13: 9781461374756

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This variation keeps the case historical past method of emphasize the subsurface prognosis of environments utilizing seismic and geophysical good logs and their software to petroleum exploration and creation. This ebook might be of curiosity to undergraduates in sedimentology and petroleum geology.

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It appears however that the preservation potential of their skeletal remains is lower in continental sediments than marine ones. This may be because in the former calcareous shell fragments are likely to be leached out by percolating acidic ground water. In marine sediments however early diagenesis tends to occur in a neutral or alkaline pore fluid. Thus lime may be preserved, and even precipitated. Most geologists would probably support the statement that shelly sands tend to be marine rather than continental.

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